We have delivered several enhancements to the BPAY Operations Portal.

To honour our commitment of continuously improving our service offering to you, we have delivered several enhancements to the BPAY Operations Portal that will improve your user experience.

Master Biller – Sub Biller

To start off, we have enhanced the Master and Sub Biller arrangements giving Master Billers flexibility with how they manage their Sub Billers. Sub Billers can now be allocated their own attributes like BPAY Biller Code, Biller Name and CRN format, for a more customised implementation. Alternatively, they can continue to adopt the attributes of their Master Billers if they wish.  This relationship between Master and Sub Biller will be captured on the Operations Portal. Visit the Training Portal if you would like to learn more about these Master Biller enhancements.

Help links from the Operations Portal to the Training Portal

To better understand how to perform key operational processes within the BPAY Operations Portal, we have re-introduced the ‘Help’ icon which now takes users directly to the relevant training material in the BPAY Training Portal. This means that you will now be able to view training material specific to the Operations Portal function you are performing, simply by clicking the Help icon on the page.

Frequency of Validation Routine releases

BPAY currently accommodates up to 3 Validation Routine releases per year. We have noticed over time a reduction in the demand for these releases.  Thus, we have reduced the number of releases from three to two.

Biller-initiated Mistaken Payments and Auto Error Corrections

Changes to Biller-initiated Mistaken Payments and Auto Error Corrections process will introduce operational efficiencies in the form of real time validation and the automation of manual, labour intensive processes. On-screen messaging will immediately advise you of successful and rejected payments, and the rejection process that previously spanned two days is now completed in real-time.

Lastly, we are pleased to announce that the Customer Relationship Team (CRT) has undergone a name change to better align with the structure of BPAY and will now be called Scheme Operations. In support, the email address has changed from crt@bpay.com.au to operations@bpay.com.au