BPAY is committed to our core purpose of enhancing our members’ ability to add value to their customers.

We have taken note of the Member feedback received during the customer satisfaction survey, where we were challenged as an organization to be more innovative, and have embarked on a 4-month Pilot that aims to embed an innovation capability within BPAY, while delivering an innovative solution to meet a customer need, that has commitment from at least 1 Member or 3rd Party, and is shown to enable an increase in BPAY transaction volume. The focus area chosen for the pilot was BPAY Batch Payments.

The team and methodology

Putting an effective team together meant seconding internal staff to the team, with support from customer-centric design specialists Tobias & Tobias. The initial work completed has covered identifying all the players in the BPAY Batch Payments eco-system, high level process flows, developing the research plan, high level journey maps. Also, 20 research interviews were conducted with existing Payer Institutions, Batch payers (e.g. real estate agents, payroll/accounts/book keepers), payer institutions not currently offering BPAY, and software companies. Research has been conducted following the “Double Diamond” methodology (going broad and then refining to define the right problem, and then doing the same to ensure we are designing the right thing). An important element of the process was the development of customer archetypes to identify who we are designing for and who we are referring to in the journeys.

Next Steps

To progress, we synthesised and analysed the raw data from our research to identify areas of opportunity, pain points and ‘the right thing to build’. This list was then reduced to 3 opportunity areas which were:
  1. Getting invoice information into systems
  2. Creating BPAY batch files
  3. Real time payment data validation
These became the focus of the Design studio session with both internal and external parties, including FIs, accounting package providers and batch payers. Through this ideation session, 3 product concepts were then fleshed out and taken into the test and learn phase. Three rounds of user testing have been undertaken with real batch payers using a variety of FIs and accounting packages to validate our hypothesis and ideas, and after each round, the solution has been refined based on the feedback from users.

Finally, to wrap up the pilot process we will seek Business Case approval from our Board and complete product development for the selected solution. In addition to this, we will refine our processes to satisfy the broader aim of embedding this innovation process across BPAY. This will pave the way for even more exciting product and process innovations, so stay tuned!