Paying household bills can be a chore, but BPAY’s streamlined technology helps remove the stress from the process.

That’s the view of Bridget Elliot, a 50-something long-time user and fan of BPAY.

The self-employed photographer has a hectic schedule that is never the same from one week to the next as she travels around the country on assignment. So she is grateful for the straightforward simplicity of BPAY in keeping her on top of her outgoings.

“For me, BPAY is the perfect way to pay my household bills,” she says. “I like to line up all my paperwork, and then jump online on my laptop when I finally come home.”

Bridget still receives some bills through the regular mail, while others lob into her email inbox.

“I find using BPAY really easy,” she says. “Once I have set up the details in my online banking, I just click on the relevant biller, and punch in the amount I want to pay, and hit the pay button.”

Bridget fits the typical profile for her age and gender uncovered by Jigsaw Research for BPAY earlier this year.
She belongs to the ‘Stressed and Stubborn’ cohort  of busy women aged 40 to 59, who worry about money and bills, are quite traditional in their payments usage and reluctant to try new technologies.

“Yes, I am not comfortable banking on my phone yet,” says Bridget. “I prefer to sit down calmly in the evening and work through my bills in my own home, rather than while I’m on the go – I’d be more worried about making an error doing that.

“And the beauty of my way of using BPAY is it lets me take stock of my household budget as I go.”

“I can work out what to pay and when in the month, according to my fluctuating income.”

Bridget appreciates how familiar she feels with BPAY after using it for many years.

“I estimate I now pay 70 per cent of incoming bills this way,” she says.

“There are still some companies I use that don’t offer the service and I wish they would – it’s such a convenience for the customer.”

She is committed to keep using BPAY for her household bills.

“BPAY is absolutely painless to use,” she says.

“It’s very familiar to me and effortless."

“It’s a quick and easy process, and you can see at a glance what’s gone through – it’s so much easier than ploughing through a lot of paperwork and trying to keep track of a paper trail.”

Bridget has made many overseas purchases with PayPal and now loves the new ‘tap and go’ technology for credit card purchases.

“Maybe BPAY could develop an app that I can use for these types of payment – I trust the brand, so I would be willing to look at any innovations they come up with.”
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