When KBB Digital wanted to change its business model to receive payments from clients in monthly instalments, it knew it needed the support of BPAY.

KBB Digital – synonymous with the TV show Kochie’s Business Builders – helps small businesses improve their online presence. It does this by providing advice for clients’ web sites, designing search engine optimising strategies, building apps and helping smaller enterprises effectively engage in social media.

Dave Chaffey, Director, KBB Digital, explains that previously the business invoiced and received payment for jobs on a fixed-price basis.

“Then we changed the business model so that we invoiced for work monthly. We found people became more haphazard in their payments, paying with a credit card one month and then not the next,” explains Chaffey.

“Or clients were paying with a bank transfer, but they were incorrectly entering their invoice number when making a payment. Because many clients pay the same amount each month, it became a nightmare to work out who had paid their invoices. We were spending up to two days a month figuring out who had made payments with bank transfers,” he says.

So KBB Digital decided to implement BPAY, not just to make it easier to identify which clients had paid their invoice, but also to help support its reputation. Says Chaffey: “If you don’t offer BPAY, you’re not seen as a substantial company. It adds an element of credibility.”

When KBB Digital first considered BPAY, Chaffey says he was “that boss that thought that BPAY was only for big businesses, and that it would cost a lot of money to introduce as a payment option. But I’m pleased to have been proven incorrect.”

“One of my team urged me to reconsider, so I told them to look into it, by contacting our bank. I found out that it wasn’t expensive and BPAY is simple to implement. We’ve just started to introduce the functionality to allow clients to use their mobile number as their customer reference number, which is a fantastic initiative.”

After implementing BPAY, KBB Digital’s cash flow has improved, and the number of outstanding accounts has dropped. “It also addresses the problem of clients’ reluctance to hand over their credit card details.”

Chaffey says the feedback from clients has been extremely positive since BPAY was introduced as a payment option. “For a business like ours, it’s a very simple, professional way of receiving payments.”

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