When you work in digital media, you know how fast the world can spin. So Shruti Shetty is very happy to have one of life’s everyday chores – paying bills – made so easy through BPAY View.

More than 1.6 million Australians already use BPAY View to get bills and statements sent to their online banking profile, and more are joining all the time.

“I came across BPAY View in my online banking about three and a half years ago,” she says. “So I thought I would give it a shot and I haven’t looked back since.”

“I thought the instructions looked simple enough and it was pretty easy to set everything up – it was just set and forget.”

BPAY View helps keep bills where they belong – within your own online banking profile, and at the touch of your fingertips.  

BPAY View has replaced all the emails each biller used to send to her inbox.

“We all know how easy it is to miss an important email – we get so many every day, so it was great to have all my bills sent direct to BPAY View,” she says.

An alert tells Shruti a new bill has arrived in her internet bank site. She can view each bill summary and click through if she wants to check to see the detailed bill.

Then all she has to do is work out when she wants to complete the payment.

“I use the St.George app on my mobile phone, so I can pay bills any time of the day, anywhere that is convenient to me,” says Shruti.

She says St.George offers a fingerprint ID tracker, so customers don’t even have to enter customer numbers and passwords to hop online.

BPAY View keeps Shruti in control of her finances.

“I can just jump online, move my money around my accounts, and pay my bills all through the one app”.

BPAY View means she can pay just one bill or a heap at the same time, and for each one she can choose her payment method - including BPAY.

There’s no paper trail to get lost on, and no hiccups to worry about with security.
Credit cards and debit cards can be a source of security concerns, she says. “But I don’t have to worry about BPAY.”

Shruti also loves how BPAY View now prepopulates her details when she is ready to pay her bills, so there is no need to punch in customer references and other numbers. “That can lead to mistakes, so I’m very pleased with this feature,” she says.

“Once I select the bill, BPAY View prepopulates all the information. I just do a quick check, then two seconds and I’m done – the bill is paid.”

“It’s really, really easy. I wish more billers would join BPAY View, as it’s so useful.”

Shruti looks forward to more BPAY innovations. “I would love to be able to load up some funds on BPAY and go online shopping,” she says.

“Because it’s a brand I trust, this would give me peace of mind when I am shopping on the internet.”

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