Like many small business owners, Wes Blundy is doing a thousand things at once.

That’s why the founder of Curvy, an online retailer of bras and underwear in hard to find sizes, pays suppliers and staff with Osko®, the fast payment service by BPAY Group.
In particular, he uses Osko to make payments to suppliers in under a minute and receive discounts for paying on time.

“Osko is a godsend for that because, if you’re a small business, there’s often more things to do than time to do them,” he says. “So not having to plan that extra days ahead and make sure that you’re paying it early to ensure the money gets there on time so you don’t miss out on this important settlement discount has been fantastic.”
Osko by BPAY™ is the new way for Australians to make fast, simple payments to friends, family and even small businesses. Osko is the first product built on the New Payments Platform, the payments infrastructure that allows for fast and information-rich payments.
So far, of the customers who have used Osko payments, over 90 per cent say they are either satisfied or highly satisfied with the experience, according to a survey by RFi Research.
An alternative to credit cards
Blundy says he got the idea for Curvy while working in the ecommerce team at lingerie chain Bras n Things and large numbers of women would ask why they didn’t carry bras in their sizes or if they did, why there was only one choice.
“It became really evident that there was an underserved market, and that there’s a lot of women who are having a really tough time finding bras in their size,” he says.
Four and a half years after starting the business in Sydney’s Lane Cove, it is turning over $2 million a year and growing fast.
Blundy also uses Osko to pay team members and likes the certainty of knowing that the money is immediately in their bank accounts.
Curvy is currently in the process of turning on Osko payments for customers.  Customers will be able to pay using Curvy’s PayID – the unique identifier such as an email address or ABN that people can use to make payments on the NPP.
Osko makes for easy returns
Curvy offers free returns to customers and Blundy plans to use Osko payments to make these refunds. This is particularly important for those items which were purchased with PayPal, because Curvy doesn’t place a time limit on returns and some come in after 90 days, which puts them outside of PayPal’s refund window.
“When you’re buying online, the refunds are something that you have to follow-up on, and it’s a bit annoying to have to remember to check a couple of days later and see if the money has come through, whereas with Osko, we can send them an email confirmation that the refund is done at that point,” Blundy says.
Curvy Bras and Lingerie stocks a full range of underwear and swimwear.
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