Want to get a quick overview of our BPAY Payments or BPAY View services?

We have recently launched two new e-learning modules in the BPAY Overview and BPAY View sections of the BPAY Training Portal.

These new modules include all the latest BPAY information, along with an overview of how each service works, the benefits, and how they could be relevant to your customers. They are self-paced, enabling FI staff to dip in and out when you have the time. We have also included online resources such as a glossary for those new to BPAY. Both modules have both sound and text captions.

BPAY Payments Module

Over six short animations, you will learn about BPAY, including how BPAY works, the benefits of BPAY to both consumers and billers, and how easy it is to make a BPAY payment.

A very relevant module for those new to BPAY, or for those who need to refresh their knowledge. Just select the animation for the areas you are interested in and make sure your speakers are on so you can hear the sound, or click on the speech bubbles icon in the video to read along with the text captions.

BPAY View Module

In this module we present the BPAY View service, including how BPAY View works, the consumer and biller benefits, and how easy it is to manage and pay bills with BPAY View. The module also includes a generic ‘XYZ’ banking example of the consumer experience when they register and managing bills with BPAY View.

The BPAY Training Portal can be accessed via: https://training.bpay.com.au.

Please speak to your BPAY Product Manager for your Financial Institution username and password. If staff have access to the BPAY Operations Portal, they can sign-on directly to the Training Portal via both the side menu and the home page of the Operations Portal.

Please feel free to contact the BPAY Training team for any further information: bpaytraining@bpay.com.au