BPAY has changed the way charities accept payments – it’s the gift that keeps on giving for both donors and not-for-profits. Relax: the days of difficult charitable donations are over.

While giving to charities used to be associated with popping a few coins in an envelope, the charitable sector has become much smarter and, with BPAY’s help, the way people give has changed. This is of enormous benefit to not-for-profit organisations – and there are many ways in which BPAY offers charities greater efficiency and reduced costs.

Make donating easier

The Smith Family’s head of fundraising, Rosie Simpson, says BPAY is all about “offering supporters a simple way to make their donations”.

“Many supporters of The Smith Family – a national charity supporting the education of disadvantaged children – are using BPAY to make their donations,” Simpson says.

The simpler the payment method, the more likely it is that an interest in your charity will be converted to a donation. BPAY is used by 67 per cent of adults in Australia – it is a trusted payment method, and this trust applies just as much to charitable donations as it does to monthly bills.

Pinpoint your people

The way in which BPAY payments information can be used to track who is donating to your charity is of great value to not-for-profit organisations using the service.

“Being able to identify supporters using BPAY through their unique Smith Family BPAY Customer Reference Number (CRN) ensures we are able to reduce the number of mail-outs to our supporter database,” Simpson says. “This in turn helps reduce associated postage costs and the processing of return mail.”

When such processes are simplified, there is more time to do the good work the organisation has set out to do. “All of this is valuable for The Smith Family to increase efficiencies within our fundraising activities,” Simpson says.

Safe for the security conscious

While processing payments online is common, inputting credit card details is a source of uncertainty for many.
The RSPCA uses BPAY as a payment option for its national fundraising effort, known as Cupcake Day, to create a trusted donation option. “BPAY provides more payment options for our fundraisers, particularly those who don’t like using credit card,” explains RSPCA’s senior manager, events and corporate fundraising, Sarah Rossiter.
Making the best use of financial resources is critical when operating a successful not-for-profit organisation

Freedom for core activities

Making the best use of financial resources is critical when operating a successful not-for-profit organisation.
When staff and volunteer resources and donation methods are at their most efficient, it carries through to the all-important financial aspects of the charity.

Adopting BPAY’s services is a critical part of this bigger picture for many charities. “Most importantly, it means we can direct greater resources towards the important educational programs we are delivering to the children and families we are supporting,” Simpson says.

Available anywhere, 24/7

Once upon a time, charitable donations relied upon a supporter’s physical presence, whether this meant dropping some coins into a tin at the traffic lights or writing a cheque – that hopefully wouldn’t bounce.
The digital era is a game changer for not-for-profit organisations, and BPAY has taken this to the next level. “The easier it is to bank fundraising income and donations, the less barriers there are to fundraiser participation and fundraising,” says Rossiter.

People can provide financial support to your charity any time, regardless of where they are in the world, using BPAY’s services. Payments are received quickly and efficiently, saving your charity much time and frustration.

Easily found on fundraising platforms

The rise of third party, online donation collection services such as My Cause and Everyday Hero mean there are more people adopting new causes all the time.

“We currently use Everyday Hero for our event and community fundraising,” Rossiter says. “Everyday Hero introduced BPAY as a payment option a couple of years ago.”

As people donate through these services – which they often come across through social media – they need a trusted payment option. This is where BPAY offers a service that is highly valuable to charities.
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