What do our Members think about BPAY?

Are we doing a good job? How can we improve? To help find the answers to these important questions, we partnered with Tobias, a Human Centred Design specialist agency, to run our Customer Moments of Truth project. Our objective was to develop a deeper understanding of our Members, to drive mutual success.

Who was involved?

A cross section of business stakeholders were engaged to participate. This group included subject matter experts, a selection of employees across BPAY Group and a selection of Member institution staff from a wide range of roles including, Operations, Product, Fraud and IT.  

What did it involve?

During a 12 week period we conducted a series of deep dive contextual research sessions, in-depth interviews and system walkthroughs. The large amount of data was then distilled and analysed. We have used this information to create a Customer Journey Map, identify ‘pain points’ and have now converted these into opportunities for improvement.  

What did the research tell us?  

Common themes emerged, from implementing change, understanding the BPAY Rules and Operating Procedures (BROP), sales training to the Biller onboarding process.

So what does this mean?

Through our discovery process, we identified 11 areas of opportunity to improve and evolve our Member value proposition.  

We are excited to share with you some of our progress in these areas:  

How might we support our Members before, during and after change?

In making change easier and more transparent for our Members, we will be launching our inaugural Bi-annual Scheme Release in April.  

How might we provide accessible communications, with sufficient information, to the correct people?

Over the past few weeks we have been working on a communications strategy.  As part of the strategy we've created this Scheme Newsletter as a way to provide our Members with relevant and useful information on a regular basis.

How might we simplify the Biller onboarding process?

New Biller Agreements have been written and will be launched this April. They have been rewritten in plain English to make it easier for Members to onboard new Billers.

How might we make BROP more understandable?

In October last year we re-wrote the Adjustments section in BROP into plain English and as noted above we are about to release a simplified Biller Agreement. We will continue on this journey to improve BROP as part of addressing the feedback we've heard. 

How might we review SLAs to ensure they’re appropriate and support FIs in meeting them?

A combined BPAY and Member working group was set up specifically to review the payment investigation SLAs and provide recommendations on how these could be improved. Watch this space for upcoming improvements to both processes and BROP.

More to come

These are just some of our initiatives and we look forward to sharing our progress of continuous improvement with you.

We’re always on the look-out for feedback on your experience with BPAY Group. If you would like to tell us about an area we can improve, please email us.

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